What’s The Best Antifreeze For A BMW?

What's The Best Antifreeze For A BMW?

Keeping the engine in your Bimmer running smooth is vital.

You need to make sure fluids are of quality and filled to their proper levels.

Antifreeze is incredibly important as it keeps your engine temperature in control.

Without antifreeze, your engine will suffer from serious damage.

Since we got that out of the way, what’s the best antifreeze for a BMW?

The BMW Coolant Antifreeze is a BMW approved and exclusive to the brand.

It works for all BMW models since it is genuine and factory authorized.

In winter months, this coolant helps prevent your radiator from freezing up.

Also, it helps in cooling the transmission oil.

It is not recommended to only use antifreeze, instead you should mix it in a 50:50 ratio with distilled water.

The BMW Coolant Antifreeze is a worthwhile investment for your BMW so you can prevent future, more expensive repair costs due to uncontrolled temperature.

The BMW Coolant Antifreeze costs about 30$ and it is worth every penny.

Play it safe 😉

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