What Is A BMW 2002 tii?

What Is A BMW 2002 tii?

So, what is a BMW 2002 tii?

Technically speaking, its known as “touring injected international.”

It’s the predecessor to the iconic 3 series and is considered on of the most iconic BMW’s ever produced.

Below is a video from The Drive where the share their thoughts about it and the impact it’s had on the company.

In the video, they talk about how this car and its siblings were defining cars for BMW.

It’s the model that changed the direction that company was headed in.

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They talk about what they have done to keep the car smooth and running, including changing vital parts, such as the engine and pistons.

I found the process of how they beefed up the M10 engine to make it faster and smoother very interesting.

Tips on how they keep the car looking fresh and new are also shared.

Moving forward, they speak about the interior of the car and how the design differs from country to country.

I especially enjoyed the part about the steering wheel, which looks and feels amazing.

They wanted to keep the car as classic looking as possible, while adding a touch of the 21st century.

So, they added a Clarion touchscreen head unit to make it feel more modern.

The BMW 2002 is a car that they consider “cool as hell!”

Overall, it’s one of their top projects for preserving and updating an iconic car.

Enjoy the video 😉