Is A BMW E46 Worth Buying?

Is A BMW E46 Worth Buying?

You might be asking yourself: Is a BMW E46 is worth buying?

Without a doubt, I say yes!

The video below lets you know exactly why it’s a good buy …

In this video, hellodanielchoi discusses reasons why you should buy a BMW E46 in 2021 and what makes such a good it car.

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He discusses how the prices of the BMW E46, E36, and 330i are increasing.

Also revealed is how to search for models that are in good condition and have low mileage.

In addition, he talks about how the parts for these cars are easily available locally and online, making repair work easy.

Even better, he reveals that BMW has not discontinued production of parts for older E series cars, so they will also be available well into the future.

He mentions that these models are very easy to buy at the moment and are sure to increase in price over time.

He also discusses the exterior of the BMW E46.

While it may look a bit outdated, with just a few cosmetic changes, this car can go from an old-looking model to a fresh, stylish whip.

Lastly, he talks about how the E46 is a great first car.

There are many tutorials available on how to keep in good shape and how to make cosmetic changes yourself.

Overall the video talks about the many reasons why you should be getting a BMW E46 in 2021.

Enjoy 😉