How Good Is The BMW z4 m40i?

How Good Is The BMW z4 m40i?

So, how good it the BMW z4 m40i?

In my opinion, it’s totally awesome!

The good folks at Motorhunt feel the same way 😉

Check out this video & find out why …

We already know that it’s a beautiful, cutting-edge car.

It’s a stunner, both internally and externally.

From the glossy black exterior to the luxurious leather interior.

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It has a great exterior design with a polished, sporty look.

Everything is designed to perfection and no small details are missed.

Everything from the shape of the car to the headlights just looks complete and perfect.

This design is sure to be noticed by everyone, with a radically different silhouette than the e36.

When entering the car you are greeted with luxurious leather seats.

The red color makes the car look sharp and it also makes the vehicle stand out.

The touchscreen dash makes for easy accessibility making sure that you never struggle with anything in this car.

With this navigation is also made easy with a built-in GPS system and you can make sure there are no problems with the car as the dash also displays it’s Vehicle Status.

Like an m4, it has all the latest features such as Active Cruise Control and Pedestrian Braking.

After watching this video and seeing it displayed in all of glory, anyone would dream about owning one.

Peace ☮️

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