Is A BMW e36 A Good First Car?

Is A BMW e36 A Good First Car?

You might be asking yourself’: Is a BMW e36 is a good first car?

Here’s a great video by Fitment Industries talks all about it!

You will learn why it’s so popular and why you might want to own one!

They talk about the history of the BMW 3 series and how it is a perfect car for everyone, no matter your age.

The BMW E36 has been redesigned over the years, and in the process, redefined what people wanted in a BMW car.

The exterior design is exquisite.

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From the sporty look to the beautiful headlamps.

Though the E36 had an innumerable amount of models, all of them are memorable and excellent.

The car has a lot of uncommon features such as 50-50 weight distribution.

However, because it’s had so many models and trims, the price of the car has nosedived, making easily available and inexpensive.

The car truly shines in the surplus of modifications that are available.

From cosmetic modifications to engine swaps that increase the speed.

Modifications give the car a personality to your liking.

Tire swaps can completely change the feel of a car, especially BBS tires, as they make the car immeasurably smooth.

The BMW E36 is a fun car which you can get relatively easy, priced much less than an z4.

It’s a fun car to own because it’s great to drive and you can add your own personality to it.

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