Can A BMW i8 Run On Gas Only?

Sleek & sexy, the BMW i8 is a real attention getter!

It’s at the head of the class when it comes to the latest technology.

Because it’s new and innovative, people have many questions about it.

Can A BMW i8 Run Only Gas Only?

One of the most popular that is often asked it: Can it run on gas only?

The answer is yes!

It has a gas tank can hold 42 liters or 11 gallons of fuel.

And according to the latest EPA data, a full tank of gas has a range of 329 miles.

It’s important to know that the i8 has 2 basic driving modes, including Comfort & Eco Pro.

Comfort mode is used primarily for city & everyday driving.

This is a hybrid mode that balances gasoline with the electric motor.

Eco Pro mode is best used when traveling on the highway.

It’s also a hybrid mode that focuses first on the electric motor, and gasoline second.

Also, the car can run in an electric only mode, with a range of about 34 miles.

So, there you have it 🙂

Happy driving!

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