What Are BMW Owners Like?

What Are BMW Owners Like?

So, exactly what are BMW owners are like?

There are plenty of opinions out there!

After doing a bit of online sleuthing, here’s what I came across…

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When it comes to BMW Owners…

Some say they are arrogant.

Others think they love themselves too much.

They are said to be very demanding, with intolerant personalities.

However, here are the facts as I see them…

BMW owners are born leaders.

They are problem solvers.

Being normal isn’t enough and want nothing to do with the status quo.

They are cool under pressure & confident in their decision making.

They tend to be business people, with careers in the finance or consulting industries.

And finally….

They are individuals who recognize the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail of a well manufactured automobile.

Simply put, they demand the very best, and BMW delivers!

What do you think 😉