BMW Gifts

BMW Gifts

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We specialize gifts for BMW lovers, no matter the occasion!

We know that fans of the “Ultimate Driving Machine” can be picky & are tough to shop for.

So, we have put together a list of BMW gift ideas that are sure to give you plenty of inspiration.

Whether it’s t-shirts, car accessories, canvas wall art, mugs or anything in between, you are sure to find something awesome that will fit into your budget.

Check out the cool stuff we’ve discovered, you’ll be glad you did!

Our Top Picks …

BMW Jackets

for BMW Jackets

The best BMW gifts tend to be apparel items, such as jackets.  We happen to be fans of the leather Motorsport version that is very fashionable & sporty.  A great way for Bimmer fans to show off their love for the brand & their good taste in clothing.

How to Use Turn Signals: A Complete Guide For BMW Drivers, Owners, and Operators

for BMW How To Use Turn Signals Books

We think sarcastic books, like this one, are great to give as funny BMW gifts.  Great for those with a good sense of humor, we even came across a book is all about teaching BMW owners how to use turn signals properly!

BMW M Series Night Light

for BMW M Series Night Lights

How about a cool night light that’s modeled after an M5.  They’re perfect to display on an end table, home bar or in a den as an accent piece.  Great for kids too that will help keep the boogie man away!  When it comes to cool BMW gifts, we really love this one.

BMW Wallets

for BMW Wallets

BMW Leather wallets are ideal to give as gifts for BMW M3 owners. They offer up plenty of room for cash, credit cards & proudly display the famous logo across the front!

BMW M Sport Steering Wheel Cover

for BMW Steering Wheel Covers

Accessories that add to the performance of their car make excellent BMW M Sport gifts. We like steering wheel covers made using carbon fiber that help drivers maintain a better grip on the wheel, making driving safer.

BMW Logo License Plate Frames

for BMW Logo License Plate Frames

If you’re looking for BMW logo gifts, consider giving a great looking set of license plate frames. They’re great pieces to enhance the look of any model BMW. Of course, they proudly feature the logo on them!

BMW Hot Wheels

for BMW Hot Wheels

BMW novelty gifts for those who are kids at heart are fun to give. I would suggest you go with some cool BMW Hot Wheels of their favorite model.  They are perfect to display on a desk or bookshelf.

BMW Patent Print Art

for BMW Patent Print Wall Art

Patent print wall art is an incredible idea to give as BMW gifts for boyfriend.  Those that really stand out are prints that have been designed da Vinci style, featuring all the popular models. Great to display in his bedroom, den or garage.

BMW Key Fob Holder

for BMW Key Fob Holders

BMW key fob holders make great gifts for BMW fans. Better key fobs are made of leather and have a carbon fiber finish.  Most are also double-sided, featuring BMW colors & logos. These fobs make a great addition to any car key set and is sure to be appreciated by the BMW lover in your life.

BMW Car Coloring Book

for BMW Car Coloring Books

Without a doubt, BMW car coloring books are ideal to give as BMW joke gifts.  Perfect for both kids & adults, especially for those who are artistic types!

BMW M Driving Gloves

for BMW Driving Gloves

BMW driving gloves are one of the best gifts for BMW owners. Popular styles are made of black leather and features the BMW logo. Not only do they look great, they’re practical too, as they make driving more comfortable and safe.

BMW Watch

for BMW Watches

When it comes to BMW gifts for men, how about an awesome looking timepiece! BMW watches have designs that are bold, stylish and elegant. You can never go wrong by giving the gift of time.

BMW Wall Clock

for BMW Wall Clocks

We think retro wall clocks are wonderful to give as vintage BMW gifts.  Time is precious, so give them something that will help them keep track of it, in an attractive way with this lovely piece of BMW memorabilia.

BMW Sunglasses Holder

for BMW Sunglasses Holders

For one reason or another, sunglasses always seem to vanish into thin air.  How about giving a present that offers a way to keep them safe, secure & always in place.  That’s why we think a visor sunglasses holder would be one of the perfect BMW Father’s Day gifts you can give.

BMW Umbrella

for BMW Umbrellas

A logo umbrella is great to give as BMW gifts for him.  Especially during those days when the weather is unpredictable.  A must have accessory for every car owner.

BMW Coffee Mug

for BMW Coffee Mugs

A BMW coffee mug would be one of the perfect gifts for BMW car lovers. They can enjoy her favorite beverage in style!  Every driver enjoys coffee time, and this sure to become their go to mug.

BMW Alpina Respect Your Elders Shirt

for BMW Alpina Shirts

Fans of vintage “Bimmers” love tees that are all about respect.  There are styles that feature the classic Alpina design on the front, like this one.  They’re one of our top picks for BMW Alpina gifts that you can give.

BMW Canvas Wall Art

for BMW Canvas Wall Art

Wall art is a super idea to give as gifts for BMW enthusiasts.  There are a variety of breathtaking canvas pictures that would look great when displayed in a living room, office or mancave.

BMW Emoji Grille Shirt

for BMW Emoji Grille Shirts

One of my favorite shirts features keyboard symbols that when put together, create a design that looks exactly like the famous BMW front grille. Without a doubt, it’s one of the funny gifts for BMW owners that’s sure to be a big hit!

BMW Ride On Electric Car

for BMW Ride On Electric Cars

If you have babies on your shopping list, go with a ride on electric baby car. A perfect pick for their first “Bimmer!”  We can’t think of any better BMW baby gifts to give than one of these!

BMW Journal Notebook

for BMW Journal Notebooks

Journal notebooks are a wonderful idea to give as BMW Secret Santa gifts.  They’re great for jotting down important notes, keeping logs and can even be used as a diary.  Super affordable too!

BMW i8 RC Car

for BMW i8 RC Cars

Radio controlled cars are one of our favorite BMW i8 gifts.  Perfect for kids or adults who are kids at heart, they’re guaranteed to give hours of enjoyment to whoever receives it.

BMW Car Trunk Organizer

for BMW Car Trunk Organizers

Keeping things in the car organized is a high priority. So, how about a nifty space-saving storage unit that will help to accomplish this task to perfection. Ideal for SUV’s, which is why we think it’s one of the excellent ideas to give as BMW X5 gifts.

BMW M4 Die Cast Model Kit

for BMW M4 Die Cast Model Kits

Great BMW M4 gifts don’t have to cost a small fortune. In fact, some of the coolest items are super affordable. One example would be a die cast kit featuring a beautiful M4. Great to display on a desk or bookshelf. Collectors love them too!

BMW Padded Seat Belt Covers

for BMW Padded Seat Belt Covers

Padded seat belt covers are a super idea to give as BMW M3 gifts. The latest styles feature a carbon fiber look that proudly features the logo & BMW colors across the front. They help make driving more comfortable.

BMW Keychain

for BMW Keychains

Logo Hats make excellent BMW gifts for her.  They are stylish, sporty & help to keep her keys organized while driving down the highways & bi-ways.

Custom German License Plate

for Customized German License Plates

Giving something unique makes your present extra special, so we recommend giving personalized BMW gifts.  One idea that’s wonderful would be a customized German style license plate. They fit BMW’s perfectly and you can add their name or a short message.

BMW Motorsport Hoodie

for BMW Motorsport Hoodies

When it comes to BMW gifts for dad, how about some stylish gear, like a Motorsport hoodie. Perfect to wear for a casual day at work or while driving when it’s a bit nippy outside.

BMW Parking Only Sign

for BMW Parking Only Signs

If you need gifts for BMW owners, how about a retro style BMW parking only sign. Perfect to display in a garage or to add a conversation piece to his mancave.

BMW Hardcover Books

for BMW Hardcover Books

Interesting books for display always work well as Christmas gifts for BMW owners. We really like BMW hardcover books for the coffee table that are filled with beautiful pictures that feature all the amazing models.

BMW Ghost Lights

for BMW Ghost Lights

When it comes to BMW gifts and accessories, an awesome choice for would be a set of door light logo projectors. The effect they give off is truly amazing, especially at night!

BMW Cup Holder Inserts

for BMW Cup Holder Inserts

Better gifts for BMW car owners are those that provide their interior with a bit of color.  That’s why we suggest you get them a set of stylish cup holder inserts. They keep beverages in place, boldly display the M series colors and are real attention grabbers.

BMW Hats

for BMW Hats

In search of gifts for BMW drivers? At the top of our list would be a BMW hat that not only looks cool, but is practical too, as wearing one keeps hair in place and protects the scalp from the UV rays of the sun.

Into BMW’s?

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