BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C Class

BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C Class

Is the BMW 3 series vs Mercedes C class a fair comparison?

We’ll let you decide 😉

Check out this video where Motorhunt presents a BMW 3 Series Facelift.

The 3 series is the entry-level luxury saloon by BMW which rivals the Mercedes C Class.

In the video, you can enjoy excellent angles and visuals of the BMW 3 Series Facelift showing the car off in all of its glory.

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This car in particular is a glossy purple and sports a more classy look.

It also has a spacious trunk, with small pockets inside, one on each side of the interior.

The exterior proves to be magnificent.

When examining the interior, Motorhunt shows off the cream-colored leather, which gives off a sense of comfort and luxury.

It has charging ports that are easily accessible for everyone, regardless of where they may sit.

There is also a touchscreen dash which alerts you about the condition of the car, so you will immediately know when there are problems.

Like a BMW m4, everything in the car is easily accessible through the dash.

Motorhunt presents the car in an exceptional way, letting everyone see what the car is about while showing off all it’s features.

Hope you enjoy the video 😉

Peace …..

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