BMW License Plate Frames

BMW License Plate Frames

Without a doubt, adding BMW license plate frames to your car is a great way to give it an added a touch of class and style.  In addition to being the perfect accessory to add to your car, they are also an excellent choice to give as BMW gifts.

Practical too, especially since plate covers help to cover and protect your front and back license plates against damage & theft.  In fact, they are designed to cover the edges & corners of license plates, which are the areas that tend to experience damage to weather or car accidents.

There is a wide variety of styles to choose from, so if you’re looking for a specific color or design, it’s probably available.

You can find ideas for them below:

BMW License Plate Frames

BMW License Plate Frames

What Is The Best BMW License Plate Frame You Can Buy?

If you’re the type of person who only settles for the best, I suggest you go with a genuine BMW license plate frame.  Because they are made in accordance with BMW’s high standards, they are extremely durable & crafted using only the highest quality materials.

Depending upon your model or personal preferences, there are several versions you can choose from, with the most popular being …

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Polished Chrome
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Slimline
  • Inverted Logo
  • The Ultimate Driving Machine
  • M Logo
  • Roundel Logo
  • X3 Logo
  • X5 Logo
  • and more…

In general, they are sold as a set, including both a front & back license plate frame, along with screws and necessary hardware needed to attach them to your vehicle.

Better sets even include matching valve stem colors that add to your BMW’s overall appearance.  When it comes to price, you should expect to pay a premium, as genuine BMW accessories are not cheap.

If price is an issue, you can always go with an aftermarket manufacturer of BMW license plate frames.  There are plenty of great looking frames to choose from that cost much less than the genuine models.

How do you put a license plate on a BMW?

How To Install an OEM BMW M License Plate Frame

  1. Every BMW comes with pre-drilled holes in the bumper, making it easy to attach a license plate.
  2. You will need four screws and washers to secure the plate to your car.
  3. Begin by attaching the top two screws into the predrilled holes, making sure not to overtighten and strip the threads.
  4. Next, add the bottom two screws in the same manner.
  5. If your state requires a front license plate, you will need to purchase a bracket from BMW or an aftermarket supplier.
  6. The bracket will have specific instructions on how to install it, but generally speaking, you will need to remove the front tow hook cover and screw the bracket into place using the provided hardware.

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What size are BMW license plate screws?

If you’re looking to replace the screws on your BMW’s license plate, you’ll need to know what size to get. The good news is that all BMWs use the same size license plate screws.

The bad news is that there are a few different sizes of screws used by BMW.  The most common size screw used by BMW is the M6x1.0mm screw. This screw is used on most BMW models, including the 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X5 and Z4 series.

However, some newer models (such as the F30 3 Series) use a slightly longer screw, known as the M6x1.25mm screw.  If you’re not sure which size screw you need, it’s best to err on the side of caution and get the M6x1.25mm screws.

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