Is The BMW x3 Worth The Money?

Is The BMW x3 Worth The Money?

Car enthusiasts often wonder if the BMW x3 is worth the money?

As a fan of the car, I think it’s priced right 😉

Apparently, I’m not alone as Kelly Blue Book seems to agree!

In the video below, Kelley Blue Book discusses the features of the 2019 BMW X3.

Important facts are…

It’s the third model in the BMW X series.

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The BMW X3 has a sportier exterior this model year, making it look more streamlined and appealing to people who want to take it for a spin in the wilderness.

Many small design changes, such as lowering the roof, were made to give it this look.

The interior of the car is also top-notch.

The waxy finish and wood make the car extremely stylish from the inside as well.

There is also a touch screen panel to make controlling the car easier.

These two additions add a more luxurious feel to the car.

There is also improved sound and wind control to make sure that your drive is not too noisy.

Overall, the interior is a mix of small features that stand out, such as the impressive cupholders, and improvements on the staples of the interior of a car.

All in all, the combination of the beautiful interior and exterior it an excellent car at its price point, and a strong competitor in the luxury SUV market.

Enjoy the video 😉