What Is The Best BMW M Series To Buy?

What Is The Best BMW M Series To Buy?

Wondering what is the best BMW M series to buy?

With so many awesome versions, it’s tough to choose.

In this video, Redriven talks about their top 5 BMW M cars of all time.

Have a look and see if you agree!

It goes without saying that Redriven had a hard time coming up with the top 5.

Here’s their final result ….

At number 5, they chose the BMW E39 M5.

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It’s considered one of the best sports cars of all time due to its comfort, exterior, and excellent 0-100 time.

At 4th they picked the BMW 1M Coupe due to its simplicity in excellence.

A fun fact about this car was that it was built in secret!

Next up they chose the BMW M1.

BMW made less than 500 BMW M1โ€™s, making it hard to find.

It was a hero car in the 1970s and now itโ€™s extremely sought-after.

In second comes the BMW E46 CSL.

It provides racing technology in a streetcar.

The phenomenal engine on this model is a huge reason why it came in second on their list.

Finally, they chose the BMW E30 M3 Evolution III.

Along with another legendary engine and massive improvements from the previous generation, this car is nothing to sneeze at.

The entirety of the BMW M Series are iconic, and these cars are a big reason why this series is so highly regarded.

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