What Is A BMW z3 Roadster?

What Is A BMW z3 Roadster?

So, what is a BMW z3 roadster?

It’s a small, lightweight sports car that was available in a hardtop or as a convertible.

Available new between 1996 & 2002, it’s considered a classic.

Below is an awesome video by Jolt that talks all about it and why it’s unique …

It starts off talking about how they fell in love with the Z series and how the Z3 is their favorite car of the entire series.

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There is a discussion about how, in the modern car industry, everyone cares too much about the simple numbers that come along with the car.

However, the truth about core of the car should be the driving experience, the feel of the car, the way it glides along the asphalt.

They also mention how cars have gotten extremely heavy nowadays and that features are not everything.

When compared to the M series, the BMW Z3 is a smaller compact car, with a gear system that is a bit complicated that takes some time to get used to.

And that, in itself, lies the unique driving experience.

As you continuously shift gears you learn more and more about the car, providing not just transport, but an experience.

In Jolt’s eyes, the BMW Z3 is a highly rewarding car to drive and each experience offers something new.

With each and every drive, you will fall deeper in love with this beautiful vehicle.

Enjoy 😉