What Is The Most Reliable BMW?

What Is The Most Reliable BMW?

Many wonder: What is the most reliable BMW?

The BMW E30 generation of cars is the epitome of BMW reliability.

Nowadays, with complex mechanisms and an array of sensors, working on Bimmer engines are quite hard.

But the e30 came in an era where everything was meant to be simple and to serve a purpose.

The e30 generations have now become super rare.

But, considering it as a classic car, get one as a weekend car or your fun daily.

You wonโ€™t regret buying one because this is from an era where engine oil leak might be the only point of major concern for a BMW!

So, how many models were there?

Well, there was the 318i, the 325e and the 325i.

Then comes the most sort after e30 M3, which is a true legend!

The main advantage of the e30 is that it came with engines that are easy to work on and are bulletproof.

The 318i came with the 1.8L 4 Cylinder engines.

The M10 produced 111hp and 165nm of torque and was then replaced by the M40, which produced 134hp and 172nm of torque.

These babies came with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed autobox.

The 325e came with a 2.7L, M20 engine, which you might think is a hoot to drive, but it is not.

The โ€œeโ€ in the 325e stands for efficiency, thus the engine was designed for efficiency, thus resulting in a very low redline of 4800 rpm!

Power figures were marked at 121hp and 239nm.

Then came the 325i, which is the one that is most sought after e30 after the M3.

It came with the downsized M20 engine which was now a 2.5L, but the power bump was significant to 161hp!

The first production BMW to be driven on rear wheels was the 325ix.

It used a mechanical AWD system!

Love the boxy body style too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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