Is The BMW M3 A Sports Car?

Is The BMW M3 A Sports Car?

Many people ask: Is the BMW M3 a sports car?

Personally speaking, I happen to think so!

Below is a video from TopGear that talks all about it…

In case you didn’t know ….

TopGear is a YouTube channel that focuses on supercars and electric cars from companies such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, and BMW.

The video focuses on the BMW M3 with Chris Harris giving us his personal review of the car’s design and performance.

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He compares it with the previous BMW F30 and explains the small niche details of what makes a car complete from the inside and outside.

He talks about some of the design flaws in the new BMW M3 and points out how many of the flaws are not present in the BMW F30.

While he didn’t love the new design changes he was quite emphatic about how well the car drove and said that it felt quicker than a car with 2500 horsepower.

Chris had a few issues with the change from the DSG Dual-Clutch but because of the switch, the car was a more comfortable drive at the sacrifice of some performance.

In Chris’ words, the car was competent and fits the price, and that he thinks it has a great feel car albeit the design flaws and the controversial switch of the gearbox.

He concluded by saying it was an excellent car and that BMW had done a great job.

So there you have it 😉