Top 10 BMW Quotes

Top 10 BMW Quotes

Love quotes?  There are plenty of them about Bimmer’s! There are many well-known and respected people in a variety of industries that have spoken highly of BMW.

BMW, it's not a car. BMW is a way of life | History of brand BMW

Here are a few quotes about the company!

Top 10 BMW Quotes

If I could afford a BMW, I would buy one tomorrow morning.
– Unknown

A BMW can’t take you as far as a diploma.
-Joyce Meyer

You can stick a BMW badge on a dead cat – and people would still buy it.
-Richard Hammond

I’m not a big splurger of money, but my guilty pleasures do lie within BMWs. I get roped in.
-Tom Felton

I don’t have anything against commercials, and I really like BMWs.
-Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

BMW models are more powerful on average than competitors. This is precisely what we are aiming for: less fuel consumption and more driving pleasure.
-Norbert Reithofer

I didn’t get my first car until I was 22. It was a BMW 1602 and now I’ve got it back I’m waiting to restore it.
-Jay Kay

Hard work will get you a professorship or a BMW. You need both work and luck for a Booker, a Nobel or a private jet.
-Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I don’t understand people whose gratification is a BMW. You don’t know what joy is until you see a kid who was tortured get adopted by a family.
-Andrew Vachss

I’m glad to see that BMW is bringing an electric car to market. That’s cool.
-Elon Musk

BMW is the ultimate driving machine.
– Unknown

A BMW is like a beautiful woman. You look at her, you want her, but you can’t always have her.
– Unknown

If you can afford a BMW, you can afford a parking ticket.
– Unknown

We at BMW always have believed that luxury is not about ostentation and price, but rather about superior quality and craftsmanship.”
– Herbert Quandt

BMW drivers aren’t afraid to be different.
– Unknown

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