Does BMW Own Rolls-Royce?

Does BMW Own Rolls Royce?

BMW and Rolls-Royce are two of the world’s most famous brands.  BMW specializes in luxury automobiles and motorcycles.

Rolls-Royce manufactures high-end automobiles along with aircraft engines.  You may of heard that BMW bought Rolls-Royce and are wondering if it’s true.

This leads to the question…

Does BMW own Rolls-Royce?

The answer is yes!

BMW does in fact own Rolls-Royce.  The deal took place in 1998 and the cost was said to be around $580 million dollars.  BMW ended up with the rights to the Rolls-Royce brand.  In another deal, they acquired the Spirit of Ecstasy & RR grille designs from Volkswagen AG.

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What about manufacturing of the Rolls-Royce?  These days, engines in the Rolls-Royce are now using engines based on the BMW v12.  In addition, the Rolls body and engine components are made in Germany and then shipped to England for assembly.

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Does BMW own Land Rover?

In 2008, BMW sold Land Rover to Tata Motors. However, the German automaker still owns a small stake in the company.

BMW first acquired Land Rover in 1994 from British Aerospace. The company then sold it to Ford in 2000. BMW re-acquired the brand in 2007 before selling it again just one year later.

Despite no longer owning Land Rover, BMW and the British automaker continue to have close ties. The two companies share engine technologies and jointly develop vehicles.

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Does BMW own Mini?

In recent years, BMW has been synonymous with high-end luxury cars. But the German automaker didn’t always produce vehicles that were out of reach for the average car buyer. In fact, one of its most popular models is the Mini Cooper, a small and stylish car that’s beloved by drivers all over the world.

So does BMW own Mini? The answer is yes. BMW bought the rights to the Mini name in 2000 and has been producing a new generation of Mini Coopers since then. The current lineup includes the hardtop, convertible, clubman, and countryman models.

While some purists may argue that the new Minis are too big and no longer true to the original design, there’s no denying that they’re still fun to drive and have plenty of personality.

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Does BMW own Alpina?

Alpina is a separate company from BMW, however, BMW does own a controlling stake in the business. Alpina was founded in 1965 by Burkard Bovensiepen and has been producing high-performance variants of BMW cars ever since. In 1983, Alpina became an official manufacturer of vehicles within the BMW Group.

While Alpina operates as its own company, it shares many resources with BMW including engineering, design, and manufacturing facilities. This close relationship between the two companies has led some to believe that BMW owns Alpina outright. However, this is not the case – while BMW does have a controlling stake in Alpina, the company is still technically independent.

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