What’s The Best Used BMW To Buy?

What's The Best Used BMW To Buy?

Thinking about getting a used Bimmer?

Wondering what’s the best used BMW to buy?

Here’s some important info you need to know …

Germans and their reliability issues are very well known.

But nothing can beat the driving feel of a Bimmer when working perfectly.

So, to answer the question of which is the best used BMW to buy, it would be the E46 3 Series.

Out of which, the 325i will be the pick of the choice.

So why 325i?

Produced between 2001-2006, these came with the M54 2.5L inline 6 engines, which are one of the most reliable engines that ever came on any BMW.

The fact that these engines are naturally aspirated only makes them even more reliable in the longer run.

The rear-wheel driven sedan from its 2.5L inline 6 produced 189hp and nearly 245nm of torque, which might not sound that much exciting nowadays, but will put a smile on your face.

The engine is rev happy and 0-100 figure comes under 7 odd seconds.

There was also an all-wheel-drive model, the 325xi, which would feel less peppy, due to the additional weight of the all-wheel-drive system.

The 325i came mated to both automatic as well as a manual transmission.

The manual transmission married to the inline 6 is a hoot to drive, that doesn’t mean the automatic is inferior.

The 5-Speed automatic is a convenient option.

Nice 😉

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