What Is The Most Expensive BMW?

What Is The Most Expensive BMW?

Are you the curious type and interested in expensive European cars?

If you happen to be a Bimmer fan as well, you are probably wondering: What is the most expensive BMW?

At the time of this writing, the BMW M8 competition Grand Coupe first edition 8 of 8 is the most expensive production BMW ever made.

It comes with a 4.4L twin-turbo V8 engine putting out 625 horses.


$143,000 is the base price for an M8 competition.

When you thought that was crazy, you can pay even more to get the first edition BMW M8 Competition Grand Coupe 8 of 8.

This special edition is finished in Aurora Diamond Green Metallic paint and has a combination of gold accents and special badging.

The additional tweaks include yellow corona rings, the b pillar showcases the 1 of 8 badging on it and additionally, the floormats also has the 1 of 8 etched to them.

The leather upholstery is finished in Taruma Brown for all 8 cars.

When the limited First Edition BMW M8 Competition Grand Coupe 1 of 400 was not enough, BMW introduced the first edition one of eight!

These 8 M8 Competition Grand Coupes were the first of the lot to be delivered and since there are only 8 cars in the entire world, it makes it one of the rarest BMW and is one of the most expensive production BMW ever made!

How cool is that 😉

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