What Is BMW Connected Drive?

What Is BMW Connected Drive?

So, what is BMW Connected Drive?

Here’s what you need to know …..

Infotainment systems and various other driver aids has become an inevitable part of the car as a whole package.

BMW connected drive is a package of various driver aids which helps in increasing the overall safety of the car by assisting the driver in various aspect of the driving.

For example, lane assist and driver monitoring systems all falls under these categories.

BMW Connected Drive is not a new piece of technology.

It was first introduced in 2008 as simple software and now has evolved into a complicated piece of technology.

The enhancement the connected car gives in the field on safety, convenience and entertainment is truly noticeable.

It consists of three main features namely: Digital Services, Driver Assistance Services and BMW Connected App.

Digital services give you the option of knowing the current traffic condition, setting destinations, gives information of the car or you can simply play a music and enjoy a relaxing drive.

Driver assistance on the other hand provides a number of aids for the driver such as keeping a safe distance with the car in front of you, keeping you in the lane and turning on the headlights.

The BMW Connected Drive app lets you lock and unlock your car remotely with your smartphone, turn on the A/C etc.

Technology Is Cool 😉

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