Top 10 Facts About BMW Everyone Should Know!

Top 10 Facts About BMW Everyone Should Know!

BMW is one of the most famous car companies in the world.

Are you a trivia buff about Bimmer’s?

Here are the top 10 facts about BMW everyone should know …

1. BMW was founded in 1916 as an airplane engine manufacturing company.
2. BMW started making Cars due to the Treaty of Versailles
3. The first BMW car was the BMW Dixi. Later it was renamed the BMW 3/15 DA-2
4. BMW built its first electric car in 1972, although it was nowhere near being ready for the market.
5. BMW’s headquarters is designed just like a BMW Four-Cylinder Engine.
6. In the 1950’s BMW was almost taken over by Mercedes due to bankruptcy
7. BMW still makes classic parts for its older cars
8. The BMW CSL looks very similar to the batmobile
9. BMW once built a Ferrari car.
10. BMW builds some of the fastest motorcycles in the world!

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