Top 10 BMW Problems

Top 10 BMW Problems

It’s well known that used cars have troubles.

In fact, very car has its share of problems, and there’s no exception for owners of the “Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Here are the top 10 BMW problems to be on the lookout for:

10. Faulty Coolant systems. These keep your engine from overheating and are essential.
9.Faults with automatic Headlights. Sometimes these lights won’t turn off, increasing battery toll.
8. Oil Leaks, one of the most recurring problems
7. Corrosion of Alloy wheels. This effects looks and performance
6.Issues with fuel Pump. This can cause poor acceleration
5 Faulty Electronics. This problem led to the recall of more than 300,000 vehicles
4. Wear and tear on door handles. Sometimes the handles just will not function.
3. Dead Batteries, BMW batteries seem to die much more often then others
2. Exhaust leak. This can drastically reduce the efficiency of your car
1. Loose fuel cap. This minor problem can cost you money as gas evaporates from the tank.

Can you relate 😉

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