Do BMW Cars Need Premium Gas?

Do BMW's Need Premium Gas?

It’s a fact that gas prices keep increasing.

One way to save some cash is to go with regular instead of super.

So, you might be wondering: Do BMW’s need premium gas?

The answer is: Yes they do!

In fact, BMW highly recommends that you use only premium unleaded gas.

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This applies for all models.

If you don’t use premium and settle for regular or a lesser grade fuel, the car will still run.

However, the engine will operate at a much lower performance level.

Not only that, lower octane fuel tends to cause engine knocks and pings, which may cause damage to internal components.

Even worse, using regular or low octane fuel could potentially void the manufactures warranty.

So the bottom line is, use premium unleaded fuel to get the very best performance out of your “Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Enjoy Driving 😉